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About me

I am an end-to-end product designer with 5 years of expertise, specializing in creating intuitive user experiences through user-centric design principles.

Over the last 17 months, my role at Microsoft involved designing the user experience for Azure Quota. I have been involved in 4 large-scale and 5 medium-scale projects aimed at enhancing Azure Quota.

I possess experience across various domains, including Cloud products, Web 3, Delivery and logistics, Banking, Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), Tech industries, and tourism, among others. I have actively supported local businesses and contributed to enhancing their operations.


Author of Barrel House

Barrel home & Wine enthusiast🍷🍇🧀

Beyond the digital canvas, I am a dedicated wine connoisseur, savoring the intricate notes and textures of diverse wine varieties.

Some weekends you can find me in Sonoma Wine Country traveling wineries.  

Wine is my hobby and this winter I started to make wine lovers more happy by creating barrel houses for them. Learn more about CozyBarrel.

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